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"when will Oeuf air? I just watched Coquille and I don't know what episode's gonna air tonight! I'M SO CONFUSED! *ugly sob*"

Asked by rainss-of-castamere

I am not 100% sure when the full Oeuf episode will air, as it will not be airing in the US. It will air in Europe and Asia, and from what I am aware of the episode is airing EDIT: on the 30th of April in Asia apparently it is airing in India today. From that, I assume links will appear online, which I will add to my blog.

Coquille is the episode that aired/will air tonight. It is actually the fifth episode but is airing instead of the fourth in the US. Everywhere else people will be able to watch the live episode’s in the normal order. I hope this cleared things up.

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